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This is everyone’s fight. If you’re a combat veteran looking to give back in training or on the front lines, or whether you support the effort financially, we need you all. Putin’s invasion effects us all. His regime’s indiscriminate slaughter of people, including women and children, must end. For the first time in history since Hitler, a nuclear armed tyrant refuses to recognize an entire people’s right to exist during their campaign of conquest. Putin seeks to create a frightening new “world order” dominated by tyranny and oppression. Lets show him that the only new order that will be created is one in which liberty triumphs over corrupt totalitarian gangsters.

The time has come to face the evil of our generation, and we will overcome. We will answer the call.

Who Are We?

We are a private group of US combat veterans who believe in liberty and freedom from tyranny. We believe in the Ukrainian people’s right to self determination and independence. Since the beginning of the invasion, we have supplied and trained small numbers of citizens in Ukraine with the means to defend themselves and their families. While government aid has been critical, there are still many Ukrainians with unmet needs. We hope to address that gap by training the trainers and empowering small teams with what they desperately need to help fight back. Originally formed to train citizens on guerrilla tactics to resist invasion and occupation, Ghosts of Liberty changed to support more conventional operations.

In the first year since the invasion, the organization has trained and equipped over 100 fighters with plate carriers, armor, and first aid; supported foreign fighters from the United States to Russia; provided numerous secure communications devices, night vision scopes for machine guns and rifles, night vision and thermal optics, tripods for automatic weapons, drones, uniforms, boots, financial assistance, and other items. We’ve spent months in Ukraine and over $200,000 of our limited resources – but with your help, we can do more.

Please make a donation to support the continued costs of training, transportation, and supplies. If you have combat experience and are looking to fight, please see the resources below.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Join us, and answer the call.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain

Why do we Fight?

No one is free until we are all free. Free how, you ask? Free to say what you want, believe and practice what religion you want, to choose your government, and live without fear or oppression. Imagine living in a country where you can vanish, without trial or rights, from a city street as easily as pulled from your home, and never know why. Or where everything you hear and see of the world’s news is dictated and falsified to manipulate you for the aims and protections of a small group who rule mercilessly.

Imagine a place where you’re told how to look, what to wear, what to think and say, and even when and how much you can do simple things that we take for granted- like watch tv or play video games- and if you don’t conform, you disappear.

This is the reality in today’s authoritarian, nuclear armed regimes. They don’t believe in your pursuit of happiness and a just future for you and your posterity. The freedoms you’ve enjoyed are a threat to their power and their ambitions, which stretch beyond their own borders. Journalists and political opponents have been tracked and killed. Elected representatives are bribed, elections interfered with, economies threatened, domestic industries shuttered, and business and government secrets stolen on an industrial scale to work towards one goal: global dominance.

Ask yourself where you fit in to a world like this. We’re part of this world: we can fence ourselves in, but we can’t fence it out forever.

We believe there’s good in this world, and that it’s worth fighting for. Answer the Call.

A New Age: The Global Citizen
We live in a connected, digital world that has become smaller, widening our sense of identity and international understanding. The common values, stories, struggles, and hopes we share with people around the world bind us together, transcending borders and a singular national identity.

These beliefs do not belong to any single nation – they are global. Should a people seeking basic rights and freedoms who value justice be denied the support to peacefully exist simply because of where they were born? We don’t believe so. What makes an American – really- isn’t where they were born, but what they believe and how they live their lives. While the nation has strayed from this path throughout its history, this only underscored the importance of learning from our past, remembering where we came from and our own beginnings as people seeking basic rights. America would not exist today without our founding fathers and brave people who sacrificed – and not all of them were American.

Americans and free people everywhere must not allow liberty to be trampled and people to be subjugated by authoritarian murderers with no regard for humanity.

The struggle against tyranny echoes throughout history, from Spartacus’s rebellion to the American Revolution, to the fight against Hitler. Their stories will never be forgotten, and their impact on history are everlasting. People before us answered the call.


We Take No Pleasure

War is hell and human life is precious. It is a disgusting affair forced on Ukraine as Putin’s thugs sent Russians to die in vein by invading a peaceful people and murder innocents along with combatants. However, let us be clear: the Russian people are not the enemy; they are pawns of evil men who have been fed lies and manipulated for over 20 years, and whom suffer imprisonment or worse for resisting. Russia and it’s people have more potential to offer the world than war and oil, and its chief export of fear, death, and destruction must end. Until their war machine is crippled and peace restored, the fight against brutal authoritarian invaders must continue. We need your support to expedite a better future for all.

Now is our time.
Will you answer the call?

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
-Steve Jobs




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